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Rare Cipher Punks NFT Collection featuring historically great Cypher Punks Launched on Opensea

The newest and most anticipated rare collectible NFTs are now live on the Opensea platform. The first batch of Cipher Punks featured in this new collection include such luminaries as Satoshi Nakamoto, Hal Finney and Timothy C. May

The “highest selling nft on opensea” is a rare collection of Cypher Punks that was recently launched on the Opensea. The collection features historically great Cypher Punks and includes some of the most popular NFTs in the market such as CryptoKitties.

On Polygon, has released a highly rare NFT collection comprising historically renowned Cypher Punks who lay the groundwork for cryptocurrency. 

On the 25th of December, created a unique NFT collection dubbed Cipher Punks to honor the godfathers of blockchain technology. 460 hand-drawn NFTs portraying persons from the big CypherPunk movement make up the collection. Each piece of art is one-of-a-kind and has historical importance in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The expanding popularity of NFTs and digital collections has expanded beyond the realm of art. People want to collect NFTs because they provide owners with special benefits and access to a terrific community. Owners of the Cipher Punks NFT collection have early access to the IBC DAO community, an up-and-coming gaming guild in the play-to-earn market. Furthermore, when the DAO becomes public, all Cipher Punks owners will be eligible for a generous airdrop of valued tokens. 

The Cipher Punks collection chronicles the tale of a group of individuals that battled for privacy, lay the basis for decentralization, and helped to bring the open internet into existence. This article was broken down into three parts by It may be found here. 

To make it simpler for customers to purchase Cipher Punks NFTs, the team chose to launch on the Polygon blockchain, which eliminates any network gas concerns. The mint price is 0.07 ETH, and it can be purchased on the OpenSea exchange. 

Satoshi Nakamoto, Hal Finney, Eric Hughes, Nick Sbazo, Julian Assange, Adam Back, Phil Zimmermann, Bram Cohen, and John Gilmore are among the most uncommon NFTs in the collection, according to 

Here’s where you can see the whole collection.

Rare Cipher Punks NFT Collection featuring historically great Cypher Punks Launched on Opensea

Karthikeya Gutta, a crypto writer and freelance contributor for ItsBlockchain, was born and raised in India. With in-depth analysis and research, he covers many facets of the sector. His enthusiasm for blockchain and the crypto ecosystem stems from his belief that it has the potential to transform the world and benefit millions of people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are CryptoPunks worth?

A: This is a difficult question to answer. The crypto-currency market as of this writing has gone down drastically in price, but there are still some coins that have seen an increase in value. In general, current values range from $0.13 USD (Litecoin) to over $10 USD (Bitcoin).

Why are CryptoPunks so expensive?

A: CryptoPunks are expensive because they were designed by a large group of individuals who put in their own time and effort. In the future, prices may go down as more people purchase them.

How much did CryptoPunks originally sell for?

A: The original CryptoPunks were intended to be for sale at a price of $1.99, but the game unexpectedly took off and sold out in less than two weeks.

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