Polygon-based Multi-Region Fantasy Game Gaia EverWorld Closes $3.7M Seed Round

A blockchain-based MMORPG platform is seeking to provide a truly decentralized gaming experience where users are in control of their own data.

20th October 2021, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Gaia EverWorld, a multi-region fantasy world where users may establish their own kingdoms, has already raised $3.7 million in a private sale from major blockchain industry investors.

Gaia EverWorld is a blockchain-based game inspired by traditional games like Pokeman, Clash of Clans, and Age of Empires. It hopes to be a vital component of the next generation of gaming. Gala EverWorld, a DLT-based game, aims to provide players total control of their in-game assets while simultaneously incentivizing them to participate in a novel play-and-earn gaming format.

Players will be able to enjoy engaging, entertaining, and interactive gameplay while earning tokenized rewards, whether they’re fighting it out in PVP Battle Mode, adventuring across the diverse and mysterious expanse of the EverWorld in the MMORPG, or exploring and conquering mythical kingdoms in the PVE Legion mode.

Polygon, Au21, Mexc Capital, chainGuards, BSCStation, Defiboost, Aussie Capital, OIG, Brotherhood, Avstar, Shima Capital, Basics Capital, Momentum6, CryptoThugs, Fairum, Panda Capital, Onebit Ventures, GD10 Ventures, Exnetwork, and Chronos Ventures are among the notable investors who have backed Gala EverWorld.

“Gaia Everworld is part of the next-gen of gaming being developed on the blockchain,” Gaia CEO Josh Bull stated. It provides users complete control over their in-game characters and pays them for participating in ‘play-to-earn’ gaming formats, which have been more popular in the crypto realm this year. Gaia Everworld is a totally immersive, multi-region fantasy world in which players may build their own kingdoms, travel to new areas, and acquire, breed, and battle other players known as Gaia Legionnaires.”

According to a spokesman for Polygon,

“In 2021, blockchain-powered gaming has taken the crypto world by storm. These games are genuinely unusual in that they enable players to have a larger part in the gaming experience. Not only is the gameplay fun and entertaining, but it also lets players to engage in a tokenized, digital economy where they may make a lot of money. One of the key reasons we chose to invest in Gala Everworld is that we believe in the play-to-earn business model. Our team is excited to play an important role in this rapidly changing industry.” 

Gala EverWorlds Information  

Gaia Everworld is a multi-region fantasy world where players may establish kingdoms, explore the territories, and acquire, breed, and combat Gaia Legionnaires.

The objective of Gaia EverWorlds is to use blockchain technology to radically transform the game industry. We want to redefine the blockchain gaming market by collaborating with our partners and supporting community to provide gamers with appealing and engaging alternative income prospects. 

Yes, we are unquestionably zealous and ambitious. We also think that exceptional achievements need lofty goals.


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