NFT featuring candid photos of Donald Trump is up for sale for 240 Ethereum

There is a decentralized, non-fungible token for sale on the Ethereum blockchain that features a candid photo of President Trump. The asset would be worth 240 ETH as it has been estimated to have been removed from circulation after being used once in an online game.

The “donald trump news today” is a piece of art that features candid photos of Donald Trump. The piece has been up for sale for 240 Ethereum since it was first posted on the website.

Creatd has revealed the website for its second NFT drop, which includes three images of Donald Trump, one of which shows him autograph a model’s breast.

The NFT is presently valued at 240 Ethereum, or almost $1 million in US dollars.

Creatd, based in New Jersey, has managed to pique Wall Street’s interest by selling an NFT portraying a youthful Donald Trump. Three natural images of Trump will be included in the digital avatar, taken long before his formal term as a former US president.

NFTs, or Non Fungible Tokens, have skyrocketed in value and are becoming more popular among the general public. A non-fungible token is a one-of-a-kind digital identity that can’t be duplicated or cloned, and it gives users true exclusive ownership of digitized items including photographs, sounds, files, movies, and artworks.

Despite its recent NFT decline, Creatd’s stock prices have seen a significant increase.

The company’s stock is now rising by 7.5 percent. A high-resolution JPEG will be included in the NFT, and the buyer will additionally get a large 1/1 print of the shot in a gilded frame.

Creatd will offer its collection of NFTs on OpenSea, a prominent NFT marketplace. The Trump pictures are from the Creatd OG collection, which contains thousands of photographs, graphics, and movies from the archives of Bob Guccione, an artist and photographer who previously controlled magazines including Viva and Penthouse.

Creatd Inc’s CEO and creator, Jeremy Frommer, indicated that the firm is still learning about the notion of NFT as a valuable crypto asset.

Meanwhile, the business had just finished its first NFT drop, which included six digital photos that were all sold. Creatd plans to grow its NFT platform by expanding its library and engaging with prospective artists to develop a unique collection of digital collectibles.

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NFT featuring candid photos of Donald Trump is up for sale for 240 Ethereum

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