Study shows Bitcoin delivered 99.996% deflation against the U.S. dollar over past decade |

Bitcoin has been a currency with an interesting track record of being deflationary. In recent years, Bitcoin’s value has increased at a much faster rate than the U.S dollar and this is because it is not subject to inflation or interest rates i

The “is deflation bad for cryptocurrency” is a study that has found Bitcoin delivered 99.996% deflation against the U.S. dollar over past decade. The paper also mentions that this is not necessarily a bad thing as it is good for those who are trying to save money and invest in the future of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

With inflation in the United States reaching an all-time high, it’s no wonder that investors are looking for an investment vehicle to assist them appropriately hedge against the rising tide. In one of its latest pieces, Bloomberg found that the main digital asset, Bitcoin, is the preferred investment asset for many of these individuals.

The value of the US dollar rises as the value of Bitcoin falls.

John Authers of Bloomberg Opinion uncovered an unexpected revelation when comparing US pricing to Bitcoin prices. According to him, although Bitcoin’s value has been deflationary, the country’s consumer price index (CPI) has been inflationary. According to the statistics, the value of BTC has decreased by almost 99.996 percent over the previous decade, while the CPI has increased by about 30%.

The headline consumer price index has climbed around 28% in the previous decade, and denominating that index in Bitcoin reveals 99.996 percent deflation. To put it another way, what a Bitcoin cost ten years ago is now worth 0.004 satoshis, a smaller unit of the cryptocurrency that trades for approximately $65,000.

When the government provided statistics on inflation in the nation the previous week, it presented an intriguing case for Bitcoin. According to the data, inflation increased by about 6% in the previous year, and it gets much more concerning when the 1980’s CPI figure is applied, which puts inflation at nearly 15%.

Many new investors have turned to Bitcoin as a feasible hedge against growing inflation as a result of rising inflation.

Bloomberg economists backed with this claim, claiming that “inflation worries, with the other half coming from market enthusiasm and momentum trading,” propelled the latest ascent of BTC to its new ATH.

Investors in the digital currency have previously characterized the asset as a reasonable hedge against inflation.

For example, MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor has said that his business is investing in Bitcoin as a result of the Federal Reserve’s easing of its inflation strategy. Paul Tudor Jones, a well-known investor in the area, previously referred to Bitcoin as a “store of wealth.”

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Study shows Bitcoin delivered 99.996% deflation against the U.S. dollar over past decade |

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The “bitcoin vs money supply” is a study that shows Bitcoin delivered 99.996% deflation against the U.S. dollar over past decade. The study used data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

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