Coinbase strikes a promo deal with NBA player Kevin Durant

The NBA All-Star is the latest professional athlete to be associated with bitcoin, this time by way of a partnership between Coinbase and his very own team. The two parties have unveiled an unprecedented promotion for Durant’s upcoming early January game against the New York Knicks.

The “where is kevin durant from” is a question that has been asked for years. The answer to the question is Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Kevin Durant, the iconic NBA player, has joined leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase as a new prominent face of the firm. Durant will be in charge of promoting Coinbase via all of his significant platforms. 

Coinbase will give digital ad material to the NBA player’s website Boardroom in exchange for the multi-year arrangement, as well as support for all of his main youth projects. 

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December 15, 2021 — Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5)

The first Coinbase commercial featuring Durant is slated to debut on Thursday. 

Kevin Durant has agreed to a multi-year contract with Coinbase. 

Coinbase is scouring the world of sports for characteristics that will help the company raise its profile. Coinbase has already struck a commercial sponsorship contract with many NBA clubs. 

Coinbase’s partnership with Durant aims to bring in more users to the exchange. Coinbase’s worth has skyrocketed since it went public in April, with the crypto exchange now valued at over $86 million. 

Durant’s foray into bitcoin is one of several notable sports partnerships in the nascent cryptocurrency market. 

Kevin Durant’s manager, Rich Kleiman, stated, “Kevin does very, very few brand partnerships and that was by purpose.”

Coinbase’s “new model of brand partner” would be connected with Durant’s key business platforms as part of the arrangement, he said, in order to attract customers to join Coinbase as investors.

The partnership’s details have yet to be released, but it’s worth noting that Durant’s business, 35 Ventures, previously participated in Coinbase’s $100 million investment round. 

Using sponsorship arrangements to help crypto acquire new audiences 

To acquire mainstream visibility and attract new users, cryptocurrency businesses have spent millions of dollars striking relationships with major sports brands. has previously announced ties with the Los Angeles NBA arena, as well as Formula 1 and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The Golden State Warriors, another top American basketball club, have also signed up with another crypto exchange, FTX. 

Coinbase has also been exploring sports alliances in order to bolster its status as a major cryptocurrency exchange. It recently announced sponsorship partnerships with Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid, two esports teams. 

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Coinbase strikes a promo deal with NBA player Kevin Durant


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