What Rewards will Aurix Token Holders and Users Receive?

With the introduction of the Aurix Token, users are rewarded for their loyalty to Dash Merchant. Users are paid in Aurix Tokens for referring friends and family to the app, inviting new users to the platform, and for using Dash Merchant. Holding the Aurix token in your wallet will also reward you with additional tokens for every transaction you make, using your Aurix Wallet.

In the beginning, the AURIX token will serve as a discount token for users of the Aurix Platform. For example, if a merchant offers a 25% discount on all purchases made with AURIX, and your AURIX balance represents 20% of the total AURIX tokens in existence, you will receive a 5% discount on all purchases made with AURIX. In other words, the more AURIX you hold, the more you will save.

With the introduction of a new coin came the introduction of a new system for rewards — a system that will provide an incentive to hold and use the coin. Similar to other coins, dashmerchant will offer an opportunity to earn additional coins through a built-in system of rewards and incentives. It will be backed by a dynamically adjusting payout system.

Aurix CEO Majed Mohsen, a man with a great combination of coding and trading, has created a product for cryptocurrency users, Aurix, to bring all solutions together on one platform. The uniqueness of the ideas of the Aurix ecosystem, especially the Aurix token, will soon put Aurix at the top of the market. The decentralized financial architecture of the Aurix ecosystem guarantees the security of users and their data, as well as guaranteed transaction speed and high security. The Aurix token plays an important role in attracting more and more people to the market, solving the problems with the current tokens in the system and improving the overall user experience.

What makes the Aurix token unique?

The Aurix token is one of the key elements of the Aurix ecosystem. This is a concept where the company offers additional discounts and benefits to users who use Aurix tokens to pay merchants or vendors. These benefits include fast transactions, cashback and lower merchant fees. The company takes care of its users by increasing the number of benefits as the number of Aurix token holders or punters increases. These discounts run up to 90% on transactions and 9% on cards, which is very unusual and surprising in the world of cryptocurrency. The more Aurix Tokens you put in your wallet, the higher your level and the more often and longer you will receive rewards. Below is a list of the benefits you will receive when you increase your status on the platform by adding to your Aurix token balance (AUR).   As you own more Aurix chips or bet more, your VIP level increases from VIP 0 to VIP 6. As the level increases, additional benefits are added that reduce the cost to the producer and the beneficiary by 0.1 to 0.05 and 0.1 to 0.07 respectively, for VIP 0 to VIP 6. Another example is the merchant’s cashback, which increases from 0% at VIP level 0 to 90% at VIP level 6. It is currently powered by ERC-20, but will soon be powered by the Aurix chain. It is also important to note that the issuance of Aurix tokens is limited to 20 million units, and that AURs can be traded for many other crypto-currencies.

Types of rewards offered to Aurixtoken holders .

The list of rewards offered by Aurix CEO Majed Mohsen to Aurix token holders will never end. Some of the most amazing awards include:

  1. DeFi Cashback : When you make transactions with AUR, there’s a good chance you’ll receive unexpected cashback. The following are two cases in which these are obtained:
  • Commercial cashback : If you make a transaction and have AURs in your wallet, you can get a lot of cashback. This cashback can be as high as 90%, which is simply unimaginable.
  • Reimbursement of the card : When you make a transaction with Visa/Mastercard, you have the opportunity to earn up to 9% cashback by adding AUR to your wallet. Even if you didn’t place any Aurix chips, you can still get 2% cashback.
  1. Exclusive rewards for betting with Aurix chips: Once you have used a certain amount of Aurix tokens and passed a certain threshold, the platform will automatically upgrade you to a higher level with many exclusive rewards.
  2. Improve the user’s business experience: You will see an amazing resurgence of interest in trading as you continue to discover the incredible rewards and benefits of AUR.


The Aurix token has fantastic capabilities over general payment functions, and now is the perfect time to take advantage of what the Aurix ecosystem has to offer. AUR will attract a large number of people to the cryptocurrency market. This is the virtue of a brilliant mind with a strong vision: Aurix CEO Majed Mohsen. With the incredible and unusual rewards offered to Aurix token holders, Majed Mohsen has proven that Aurix cares more than anything about the safety and happiness of its users. AUR will improve the trading experience and the way people trade in the cryptocurrency world.Aurix Token can be used in a variety of ways, and we’ve decided to share some of the ways that it can be used to give back to the community. As we build the product, we will learn more about the best ways to give back to the community, but here are a few of our initial plans. Sales: We will sell Aurix Tokens through an ICO to raise money to build the app. Bounties: As we build the app, we will offer bounties to people who help us build it, by finding bugs or suggesting improvements. Buy Back: We will use part of the money we raised through the ICO to buy back Aurix Tokens from the market. This will increase the value. Read more about crypto ico 2020 and let us know what you think.

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