China’s central bank releases pilot version of digital yuan wallet

China’s central bank released a pilot version of the digital yuan wallet, the first step in its plan to build a blockchain-based financial system. The move was met with optimism by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and experts who say it will be an important test case for other countries looking to integrate digital cryptocurrencies into their economies.

The “digital yuan wallet app” is China’s central bank’s pilot version of a digital yuan wallet for mobile devices. The digital wallet will allow users to make payments and transfer funds.

China’s central bank releases pilot version of digital yuan wallet


China’s central bank has published a prototype version of its digital yuan wallet application on mobile phone app stores as part of its push to build a digital currency.

On Tuesday in Shanghai, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) digital currency research institution released the “e-CNY (Pilot Version)” app for download on Chinese Android and Apple app stores.

Individual users in China may now download an early version of the software to try establishing and maintaining a personal wallet, as well as digital yuan transactions, according to a tweet from BlockBeats, a local news outlet.

The e-CNY app is now available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

This App is China’s CBDC’s official service platform for individual users to conduct pilot tests, including e-CNY personal wallet creation and maintenance, as well as e-CNY exchange and circulation services. #CBDC

January 4, 2022 — BlockBeats (@BlockBeatsChina)

According to a Reuters article, the software claims to be in an experimental research and development phase and is only available to a limited number of people via approved e-CNY service providers.

Governor Yi Gang of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) indicated in late autumn 2021 that the nation will continue to develop its central bank digital currency (CBDC) and enhance its design and usability, including improving compatibility with existing payment systems. In a year-end meeting, the PBOC said that it will continue to push for the development of the digital yuan.

China urges US senators to’stop stirring up problems’ over the digital yuan.

China has established a large lead in producing a CBDC for public usage, outpacing the bulk of nations who are currently researching CBDCs. The digital money might be utilized at the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022, according to the People’s Bank of China. Senators from the United States, on the other hand, voiced alarm about the assertion, noting that American athletes should not use the money during a Chinese-hosted event.

The Federal Reserve, on the other hand, is still debating whether or not the US should implement a CBDC. The US central bank indicated in September, as reported by Cointelegraph, that it is researching the merits of developing a digital dollar and would ultimately release a paper on the topic.

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The “alipay digital yuan” is a new digital wallet that China’s central bank released. The wallet will allow people to use the digital currency of their choice with ease.

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