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Who accepts Bitcoin as payment?

In the year 2000, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Since then, it has become an accepted form of payment for companies and individuals in many countries around the world.

The “does amazon accept bitcoin” is a question that has been asked many times before. Amazon does not accept Bitcoin as payment. The list of companies that accept Bitcoin includes Microsoft, Expedia, and Overstock.

This is a list of some of the most well-known Bitcoin merchants, including Microsoft and Foods that are whole. 

First, let’s take a look at some Bitcoin-accepting shops. Although there are some early adopters, the majority of businesses have just lately begun to accept payments in this digital money. These are the key businesses where you may pay with Bitcoin:

Who accepts Bitcoin as payment?


Microsoft was an early adopter of Bitcoin, beginning to accept Bitcoin payments in 2014. Users could purchase games and apps using digital currencies, but since digital coins were uncommon at the time, Microsoft stopped accepting BTC in 2016 and again in 2018, citing excessive volatility as a reason. We’re eight years into the future, and using digital currencies like Bitcoin is much more common and secure.

Home Depot is a store that sells a

Among the stores that accept Bitcoin is one of the largest hardware store chains in the United States, Home Depot is a store that sells a. Customers can pay in the most well-known digital currency, but the currency gets converted into U.S. dollars immediately, as Home Depot is a store that sells a only wants USD on their balance sheets. This means that you can build and rebuild your whole home as a customer while only spending Bitcoin. 


Twitch, a streaming video company, began taking Bitcoin payments in 2014, but quietly halted in 2019. Although there are several advantages to utilizing Bitcoin as a payment method, it is not suitable for all users. They reinstated the payment option a year later. In addition to Bitcoin, this site takes Ether (ETH), as well as less well-known digital currencies such as PAX, USDP, and Binance USD (BUSD).

Foods that are whole

Supermarkt company Foods that are whole made it possible for clients to pay with Bitcoin, just like Home Depot is a store that sells a. The technology behind the store concept converts digital coins directly into USD, with the same technology as the other Amazon companies.

Foods that are whole is not only accepting BTC as a payment method in their shop but also upgraded to the Spedn application so that users can buy food groceries by using Bitcoin and Litecoin (LTC), among others. 


Company that makes gift cards Users may purchase, mail, and redeem online gift cards for shops and platforms such as Starbucks, Amazon, and Sony Playstation via Gyft. As a user, you may carry out whatever transaction you want using Bitcoin, and you won’t have to pay any extra fees.

It’s as simple as it gets once you’re on the site. You choose the required gift card, select BTC as the preferred payment option, and then transmit the money using your cryptocurrency wallet. 


Customers may purchase using Bitcoin at Benfica, which is formally known as Sport Lisboa e Benfica. Users may use their digital assets to pay for anything from products to game tickets. 

BTC, Ether, and the UTRUST token are all accepted as payment methods. They attract tech-savvy followers and make it easier for them to purchase athletic items from other countries by accepting bitcoins as a payment mechanism. 

Please help the youngsters.

Please help the youngsters. is the biggest and first international NGO that started accepting donations in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2013. With the slogan “HODLhope,” they strive for the right for kids to be healthy, educated and protected.

Virgin Airlines is a British airline that flies

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines is a British airline that flies, has always been an innovator, so no surprise there. His companies, Virgin Airlines is a British airline that flies and Virgin Mobile, make it possible for users to pay in Bitcoin. Besides that, users could even pay for space travel with this cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin and other digital currencies are often referred to be the “future of finance.” It simply makes sense to collaborate with the future of travel. You may purchase a journey with Virgin Galactic for 16 BTC, which will take you to a height of almost 50 miles. 


Finally, Overstock is a Bitcoin merchant who takes the digital currency as a form of payment and retains BTC. Overstock is a tech-driven online store that helps people visualize their ideal houses. 

This is the sixth year in a row that this major e-commerce company takes all cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Dash (DASH), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). 


Wikimedia, the corporation behind the well-known open-source encyclopedia Wikipedia, is another early adopter. In 2014, they began accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for contributions. This would have been number two on the list, however they will no longer accept bitcoin contributions after May 20, 2022. 

Wikimedia has a number of issues, including environmental concerns, the potential of frauds, and the fact that just 0.08 percent of total contributions were made in cryptocurrency. For the time being, the firm has decided to discontinue the cryptocurrency contribution option, although it will continue to monitor developments. As security and stability improve, there’s a chance that BTC may once again be accepted as a means of payment.

The “real estate companies that accept bitcoin” is a question that has been asked many times. There are not many real estate companies that accept Bitcoin as payment, but there are some.

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