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Edward Snowden recently did an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit. Snowden was asked about his opinion on Alex Gladstein’s recent critique of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Gladstein is the chief strategy officer for the Human Rights Foundation and the former chief strategy officer at the Bitcoin Foundation. Appendix 1 — List of blogs used in the experiment Appendix 2 — List of words that were run through the process Appendix 3 — List of Models used to calculate the probabilities Appendix 4 — List of words that were used in the process Appendix 5 — The word alignment process Appendix 6 — The result of the alignment process Appendix 7 — The result of the alignment process Appendix 8

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Saturday night, privacy advocate and famed whistleblower Edward Snowden spoke out against criticism from Alex Gladstein of the Human Rights Defense Fund. Snowden attacked the tribalism prevalent in the crypto world, saying some people lose sight of the world outside their caves.

Alex Gladstein calls Snowden interview clip a disaster

Recently, Alex Gladstein of the Human Rights Defense Fund (HRF) had some words for former NSA employee and whistleblower Edward Snowden. Gladstein was unimpressed with Snowden’s statements in a recent video, when the privacy advocate criticized bitcoin (BTC). This is not the first time Snowden has sharply criticized BTC, criticizing its scalability and privacy.

For example, Snowden said on 25. December 2020 in a video with popular Youtuber Naomi Brockwell that BTC’s developers still had years to solve scale and privacy issues. The prominent whistleblower said he was surprised, and that the developers had had years to do this.

Snowden’s recent criticism of BTC stems from an interview he gave at the Decrypt Ethereal 2021 conference. After the release of the video, Gladstein, an outspoken supporter of BTC, said that Snowden’s video was a disaster.

I respect Snowden for his work on privacy and his criticism of the CBDC. But this clip is a disaster. TLDR: Taproot reduces bitcoin privacy, Lightning is a scam, attacks hard core developers, promotes NFT coins + privacy (except Monero, which it rejects). When will Snowdencoin be published? Tell me that’s not true, Gladstein said. But not everyone agreed with Gladstein’s summary of the video.

I just saw the video. Ari Paul of BlockTower Capital responded to Gladstein’s tweet. What he says is very different from your resume. Big project with known privacy vulnerabilities!

But Mr. Gladstein was not impressed by Ari Paul’s statements, and in his response he again criticized Mr. Snowden’s remarks.

Mr Gladstein added:

And the rest? Do you agree that Taproot is bad for privacy and that Lightning is a scam? Or that the kernel developers have deliberately failed to improve privacy?

Snowden fires back

Edward Snowden did not immediately respond to Gladstein’s tweet, and the whistleblower denounced BTC’s tribalism and maximalism.

The scary thing about cryptocurrencies turning into dragon-level wealth is that you see good people emotionally turning into dragons: They are so intellectually paralyzed by the fear that everyone they see threatens their supply that they lose sight of the world outside their cave, Snowden responded to Gladstein’s claims.

This conversation about privacy is so deceptive that it’s hard to call it anything other than intentionally deceptive, Snowden continued. To the extent that I own cryptocurrencies (unless they’re lost in a boating accident), I own bitcoin more than anything else, but despite the theoretical risk of tarnishing the value of that asset, I continue to criticize the failures of bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies I own) because the public cost of doing otherwise would be several orders of magnitude greater than the individual private benefit. A moral compass, he added.

Snowden went on to say:

Bitcoin’s disastrous privacy is the missing step in cryptocurrencies. Every expert understands that this is a problem, but as experts themselves, they know how to offset the risk in their personal dealings with Bitcoin, and thus feel no urgency to fix it.

Snowden: Confidentiality alone ensures convenience

The former NSA contractor also said that private currencies are great, but they don’t have the same dominance as BTC and called it Ultima Ratio Cryptum.

The most important property of cash is its redeemability, meaning that a dollar spent by a plumber is worth as much as a dollar spent by a prostitute: They are indiscriminate, Snowden said. An analysis of the conflict chain in bitcoin’s public ledger reduces redeemability over time. Only confidentiality guarantees interchangeability.

1/ Snowden notes something of what is wrong with the management and development of #Bitcoin. https://t.co/p2eiKMJEW8

– Ser Jeff Garzik (@jgarzik) May 9, 2021

Some people agreed with Snowden, saying: The designers of the BTC core did not prioritize confidentiality because true inherent confidentiality would hinder institutional adoption. The main objective is institutional implementation and asset recovery. Not individual freedom. Software developer Jeff Garzik also wrote a long thread about Snowden’s recent comments and criticism of Bitcoin developers.

Snowden even got into an argument on Twitter with software developer Matt Corallo after Gladstein’s criticism. According to Snowden, Taproot and Lightning are even *close* to solving bitcoin’s privacy problems – and even sparking discussion that they are actually harming them (at least in the short term).

The holy wars ( https://t.co/m3wdkL1uoO ) will continue until the meta-consensus problem is solved!

(BIP 300 and bifurcated futures are the only solutions I know of). https://t.co/GsGCFEgzD0

– Paul Sztorc (@Truthcoin) April 26, 2021

As of 2021, the Lightning Network pales in comparison to Bitcoin’s Ethereum network, and Taproot has already caused controversy over how to make the upgrade possible. Moreover, Blockchair’s lead developer Nikita Zhavoronkov criticized Taproot on Twitter, and people questioned whether the meta-consensus problem could be solved.

BTC podcaster and maximalist Peter McCormack tried to take advantage of Snowden’s recent tweet to interview him, but got no response. Another BTC major thought Snowden should accept McCormack’s offer of an interview.

Edward, you have nothing to lose by talking to Peter and others on his sincere, non-confrontational show, and your followers may get to hear many useful ideas that they may never find out if you don’t. As a developer aware of the problem, I urge you to consider his suggestion, said Daniel Buechner, software developer.

Watch Snowden’s full video commentary on the Ethereal 2021 conference from Decrypt.co below.

What do you think of Snowden’s response to Gladstein on Twitter? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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