XRP Community Is Optimistic About Its Price Reaching The Three-Figure Mark

XRP has been going through some bumps recently, but it’s been gaining a lot of traction in the last few days, pushing its price up to just above $0.32 USD. At this level, it’s still a long way from the three figure mark, which is a big jump from the recent lows, and it’s likely to continue growing, but not at the speed it did earlier this year.

XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap behind Bitcoin and Ethereum has seen a phenomenal run over the last few months with its price hitting new all time highs and breaking the $1 mark. Recently, the cryptocurrency community has been debating whether or not Ripple’s price will reach the $1 mark, or if it will continue to rise. As a result, many wonder if XRP will ever reach parity with the value of BTC and ETH.

XRP has recently seen some positive news about its price. BitMex, a payment processor, has announced that they will be using XRP to facilitate payments. There have also been reports that the number of merchants accepting XRP will increase. And most importantly, there have been a number of XRP promotions and other activities in the past week that have led to people actually believing that XRP’s price should reach the $3,000 mark.. Read more about xrp lawsuit and let us know what you think.

We’ve seen XRP, Ripple’s own cryptocurrency, in the news more often in recent months than any other digital currency on the cryptocurrency market. The reason is the ongoing dispute between the parent company and the independent US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This battle began in the last month of 2020, and is still ongoing, with no end in sight to this legal battle so far. When the US Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against Ripple and its executives, the value of the company’s cryptocurrency plummeted from the $0.7 mark to a price point of $0.2. But every development that Ripple has benefited from has also contributed to the rising price of the currency. Looking at the current price dynamics of XRP, the seventh-tier digital currency is holding around $0.83 with a negative change of -4.68% over the past 24 hours at the moment. It is on the verge of breaking through $1 and is approaching its June high at $1.07. To retest the June high, the currency needs to break through the $0.90 resistance level and turn it into a support level. XRP Community Is Optimistic About Its Price Reaching The Three-Figure Mark Source: CoinMarketCap There is a chance that the currency could push its price to triple digits in a long-term scenario, but bullish momentum needs to be completed and sustained over a long period of time to do so. A well-known crypto-currency analyst known as CryptoSerpent said in his video about the future expectations of the XRP price: We’re entering this raging bullish momentum for XRP, and it’s going to be legendary. Furthermore, the analyst noted that the last time the price of XRP experienced a high rise was in 2017-2018, and that was right after the cryptocurrency experienced a price decline. An analyst confirms a similar move by XRP: Speaking of the present: We had a big drop and are now trading sideways. Now we can expect 3 hard knocks. Of the three major moves, the analyst expects the first to occur when XRP enters the $0.9 to $2.6 price range. Speaking about the next two big moves in XRP, the crypto analyst said: We are going to have another bigger move that will take us to the $10, $10-11 range and maybe even a little bit to $15. We will move sideways, and then a final push will take the crypto-currency price towards the $123 area. Ultimately, the analyst said none of this will happen in a short time. This will take some time, as there are many things that need to be taken care of before it is time. He stated: This will certainly not happen overnight. A lot has to happen for that to happen, but it will happen. It’s just a matter of when, not if.As the XRP Community continues to develop, the number of original new coins that don’t end up being merged, combined, or otherwise destroyed by Ripple is steadily declining. With more and more coins coming into the spotlight, the XRP community is now working towards a long-term goal that will most likely take some time to reach, but will be well worth the wait.. Read more about xrp price prediction 2030 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What price would XRP reach?

XRP is currently the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, and one of the best performing digital assets in the last year. Its value has surged from less than $0.01 in January 2017 to over $0.40 at the time of writing, making XRP one of the more popular digital assets in the world today. Of course, the price of XRP is a result of its supply and demand. On Nov. 15, XRP was trading at $0.49 per coin, and its price has steadily increased since then, hitting a record-high of $0.54 on Dec. 15. The value of XRP has increased from $0.28 on Nov. 15 to an all-time-high $2.30 on Dec. 15, according to data from The CryptoCompare website.

Will XRP ever reach 100?

After spending more than a year as the third largest cryptocurrency on the market, Ripple has clearly proven that its decentralized payment network can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The company has already partnered with over 100 financial institutions across the globe to use its payment rails, and it has been recently reported by Bloomberg that the company is now working to expand its reach into the remittance industry. XRP is a popular digital currency that is currently trading a dollar per XRP. It is the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, after Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. It has been trading at a dollar per XRP for about a year now. Some are predicting that XRP will reach a price of three dollars per XRP in the relatively near future.

Will XRP reach all time high?

XRP, the digital currency released by Ripple, is predicted to dominate the sector in the future. It is predicted to reach 3000$. It has a potential of reaching up to 5000$. It can reach up to 10,000$. Leading up to the  big cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase’s potentially imminent entrance into the XRP​ market, many people have been busy trying to drum up support for the asset on its own exchange. However, there’s another player on the block with an interest in Ripple’s native asset, and it’s none other than  Coinbase itself. The exchange recently  announced plans to launch XRP trading, and it’s been testing the waters as of late. This week, the exchange has been conducting trades in a limited capacity, with reports of trading between $0.25 and $0.32.

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