Wiv Brings Blockchain Services For Georgian Government Wine

Georgian wine producers have been using a traditional paper-based system to track their shipments, which has led to significant losses in revenue. Wiv is a blockchain-powered platform that will allow Georgian wines to be tracked and sold through a transparent and efficient system.

The Wiv Brings Blockchain Services For Georgian Government Wine is a company that has brought blockchain services for Georgian wine. Read more in detail here: what are blockchains.

The first thing that springs to mind while thinking about Georgia is its varied architecture, as well as its peanuts, sweet onions, and other delicacies. Georgia, on the other hand, is a dream vacation for wine enthusiasts. Yes, Georgia is well-known across the globe for its world-class wines. It has a long history of producing wines, dating back over 8000 years. 

Despite this, the Georgian government is taking efforts to move its wine-related industry and its whole economy into the blockchain age. 

Georgia Wines and WiV

Georgia’s whole wine industry is so large that the government handles the majority of it. In the midst of this, the Georgian government is increasingly passing on the 8000-year-old heritage to future generations. 

So, what other option do they have except incorporating and placing their faith in blockchain technology? As a result, the Georgian government has teamed up with WiV technology to usher in the blockchain age.  

WiV technology will be putting some of the government wines onto its blockchain platform amid all of this. 

Furthermore, under their blockchain, WiV technology will create a quality assurance system for Georgian wines. Regardless, the wines will be judged by a panel of specialists for quality assurance. They’re also being labeled based on their high quality requirements. 

WiV will also provide non-fungible tokens (NFT) for the Georgian wines, according to the illustration. These NFTs will also be specialized, making them accessible to all wine lovers, aficionados, makers, and collectors.  

When questioned about the deal, Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili said that the whole global economy is changing. 

In addition, he shows all of the solid and physical assets that are now being digitized. He goes on to say that digitization is important since it allows for simpler and quicker trade. 

Despite this, the President believes that digitizing the country’s wine industry is critical for a variety of reasons. The President continues to discuss digital authenticity tokens and certifications for wines and wine tokens, which are being used to establish the legitimacy of wine all around the globe. 

On the other hand, according to Tommy Nordam Jensen, CEO of WiV technology, wine is like DNA for the Georgian people, who have an 8000-year history. Over the years, it has been a source of great pride for the whole nation. 

Furthermore, the CEO states that with WiV, Georgian wine will continue to anticipate the future as it has for the last 8000 years. WiV, he says, will raise the profile and sales of Georgian wines to even greater heights than before.

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