Christie’s auctions off 9 CryptoPunks NFTs for $17 million |

CryptoPunks is a trading card game, built on the Ethereum blockchain, that allows players to purchase, collect, and breed unique CryptoPunk characters. This has been a very successful endeavor for the game’s founders, who have been able to sell the card art for a combined $17 million in the last three years, all without charging a single cent for their game. The CryptoPunk characters were created by legendary comic book artist Paul Hanley, who has worked on titles for some of the most famous comics in the industry.

Cryptokitties were a hot market last year, but one developer decided to take things a step further. With CryptoPunks, bidders will have the chance to buy collectibles that are actually a part of a blockchain that is fully decentralized. The CryptoPunks NFT is an ERC721 token built on the Ethereum blockchain, which is the same technology that made CryptoKitties. The CryptoPunks is based on a comic series by the name of Punk. CryptoPunks is based on a comic series by the name of Punk. The auction of CryptoPunks is set to take place on April 18th at the “Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference” in Stockholm, Sweden. Fourteen of the Crypto

Nine rare and unplayable CryptoPunks (NFT) tokens were sold today for $16.96 million by legendary British auction house Christie’s, according to a tweet.

#AuctionUpdate 9 rare CryptoPunks from Larva Labs’ own collection made history with $16,962,500, the company announced on Twitter.

#AuctionUpdate 9 rare CryptoPunks from Larva Labs’ collection made history and raised $16,962,500

– Christie’s (@ChristiesInc) May 12, 2021

NFTs are a special type of unique, non-interchangeable token that can represent all types of digital media, such as. B. Artwork, music, photographs or videos. They can be struck individually or in small batches, creating verifiable rarity and acting as digital proof of ownership.

CryptoPunks and more

The CryptoPunks project, developed by blockchain startup Larva Labs, is considered one of the first OG NFT platforms. There are a total of 10,000 of these chips, and some of them have sold for millions of dollars in the past.

Cryptopunks on @ChristiesInc is almost here! The auction will take place on *May 11*. Bidders must register in advance, contact [email protected] Lot details + an excellent essay by Noah Davis:

A big thanks to @saveartspace + @ChristiesInc for these awesome billboards:

– Larva Labs (@larvalabs) 7. May 2021

Larva Labs recently launched another NFT platform, Meebits. The way these collectibles work is similar to CryptoPunks, except that instead of randomly generated pixel images, each meebit is represented by a Minecraft-like 3D block model.

As reported last week, one user managed to raise $765,000 by selling one of the rare bites. Specifically, he used an exploit to rework the chips over and over until a super rare chip was found.

The mania ofNFT continues

The sale of non-playable chips and the prices people are willing to pay for them have received a lot of attention lately. NFTs have not only exploded in popularity among cryptocurrency enthusiasts in recent months, but have already become quite commonplace.

For example, recently the famous American talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres auctioned off her first NFT collection for $30,955. Earlier, well-known YouTuber Logan Paul sold his NFTs for $3.5 million in one day. Not to mention the now legendary NFT artwork by crypto artist Beeple, which sold at auction in March for $69 million.

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Christie’s auctions off 9 CryptoPunks NFTs for $17 million |

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