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Women represent 26% of cryptocurrency holders in the United States

The cryptocurrency world is still dominated by men, but there is a growing number of women who are taking on an active role in the technology and investing. Women now hold more than a quarter of the cryptocurrency market in the US according to a recent report by Statista, and women are starting to see real benefits from investing in cryptocurrencies.

Two new reports show the number of women holding cryptocurrency in the American market has increased 8% since 2017. This is backed up by a new survey from Ellevest, which found that 26% of women in the U.S. own cryptocurrencies, which is 26% more than the previous year. But the reports don’t reveal why more women are interested in cryptocurrency.

Each day, the cryptocurrency industry is growing, and more and more cryptocurrency holders are joining the ranks. Despite this trend, women remain a minority in the industry. According to a survey conducted by blockchain research firm Diar, women represented 26% of cryptocurrency holders in the United States. Moreover, only 17% of the respondents were women, and the rest were men.

Summary of the situation – The world of cryptocurrencies is becoming more and more open. – Women are already active investors, developers and founders of blockchain-related projects. As time passes, more and more women are getting into the cryptocurrency business, and finally a men’s cryptocurrency club is opening. Women play an important role in the field of blockchain and all related areas such as NFT, DeFi and cryptocurrencies. By 2020, the number of women working in digital currencies has increased by almost 43%; they now make up 26% of cryptocurrency holders in the US. 53% of those seeking information about digital currencies are women. This information suggests that the percentage of women in the world and the crypto industry may increase in the coming years. They proposed new business and financial initiatives that encourage women’s participation in blockchain. There are also educational initiatives for the advancement of women.

Using cryptocurrencies to achieve financial independence

Too many women use digital currency to gain more control over their finances. Cryptocurrencies are anonymous and ideal for women who want to get out of a bad relationship where the significant other of the couple has taken financial control. Many women have become prominent and savvy investors in cryptocurrency. In India, for example, about 15% of cryptocurrency trading and exchange customers were women, a figure that has increased by 2021, where it is already over 20%. The Wall Street Journal reports that one in four customers of digital currency exchange app Robinhood is a woman. Similar results were reported by digital trading platform eToro Group, which said that women’s participation in trading has doubled to nearly 20% since 2019. Guy Hirsch, CEO of eToro, noted that women often have very different investment habits than men. He argues that women are long-term investors and less impulsive than men. He also points out that women retain their perspective or position. According to him, women have more Bitcoin and Ethereum, while men have Tron and Cardano.

Impulsive devolution of women

SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce said the SEC’s overreach and impassioned actions are not what is stifling the crypto industry. According to Peirce, it is rather due to a lack of willingness to take concrete action. Peirce is known for bringing clarity to the crypto currency market and has been called a crypto-mona. She is a woman who has high hopes for decentralized finance (DeFi). Because he has a huge impact on the cryptocurrency world, many people turn to him for the best advice and effective access to the cryptocurrency world. Women have more opportunities in the cryptocurrency market and other financial institutions around the world. However, Catherine Kohli, managing director of Binance US, says that women could usher in a new era in the global financial market.The number of female cryptocurrency holders is increasing at a faster rate than the number of men; and while this is a positive trend, it’s important to remember that the market is still dominated by men. According to CoinMarketCap, women hold 26% of the world’s cryptocurrency, but that’s not a fair representation of the industry as a whole.. Read more about women in crypto and let us know what you think.

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