NFT Investing: How to Buy Sorare Trading Cards

You may have noticed a new craze for digital assets in recent months, and this time it has almost nothing to do with bitcoin. On the contrary, non-disturbance tokens (NFTs) are becoming increasingly popular in numerous sectors, including art, music and even sports.

Soccer Crazy, NFT Crazy

Sorare is an NFT project that creates collectible digital NFTs in the form of fantasy football cards. They are unique and can be quite expensive in some cases.

In this short guide, we’ll show you how to buy Sorare trading cards on one of the leading NFT marketplaces, OpenSea.

What you need: a MetaMask wallet.

First step: Line to

Once you are on, go to the search bar at the top and search for Sorare.

NFT Investing: How to Buy Sorare Trading Cards

Second step: Beginning of official fitness lists

In the drop-down menu, click on the Sorare option with the blue check mark next to it.

NFT Investing: How to Buy Sorare Trading Cards

Third step: Launching!

Here you will find a long list of all Sorare trading cards currently available on OpenSea, as well as many filtering options.

NFT Investing: How to Buy Sorare Trading Cards

Fourth step: Make your choice

Once you find the right player, you can view all ownership history, rarity and price changes over time. When you’re done, click Buy Now.

NFT Investing: How to Buy Sorare Trading Cards

Fifth step: Connecting the MetaMask or an alternative portfolio

Before you can make a purchase, you must sign up for one of the many supported wallets. If you are having trouble choosing, choose MetaMask because it is one of the easiest to use and will be used in the following steps.

If you don’t have MetaMask yet, follow this link: MetaMask : 3 minutes quick start guide

When everything is ready, click on Connect.

NFT Investing: How to Buy Sorare Trading Cards

Step 6: Mounting input

This is a simple step, but in case the Signing Request field confuses you, it’s just a confirmation that you allow MetaMask to communicate with OpenSea.

NFT Investing: How to Buy Sorare Trading Cards

Seventh step: Confirm your purchase

Once you are logged in, you will automatically be directed to the card of your choice and from there you can either pay for your purchase in digital currency from your MetaMask wallet or use your credit/debit card to complete your purchase.

NFT Investing: How to Buy Sorare Trading Cards

With this, you have just entered the exciting new world of NFT, an exciting opportunity to collect and explore all the brilliance of blockchain tokens.

NFT network

Launched in 2019, Sorare is one of the few NFT projects that has received a lot of attention, which certainly makes sense given the size and scope of the football industry and its passionate fans. With the launch of what is essentially a fantasy football card game, Sorare is considered one of the leading NFT platforms outside of the sports niche.

It should be noted that Sorare is not really an investment opportunity, but rather a football game with collectors.

In its short and successful existence, the platform has managed to raise tens of millions of dollars in investment to expand its partnerships beyond the 130 football clubs it already has under contract.

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