Jigstack Completes $3M Private And Public Sale To Build The DAO Of DeFi

Jigstack is looking to change the way that decentralized finance is done, and they’re using the power of the blockchain to do it. The company has recently completed a $3 million private and public sale to build the DAO of DeFi. One of the biggest problems that blockchain and crypto enthusiasts have with decentralized finance is that it’s still very difficult for people to participate. Jigstack has a vision to change that. Jigstack is a cryptocurrency investment company that is focused on building out the infrastructure for decentralized finance across the globe. Jigstack has already built a decentralized crypto exchange on the 0x protocol, and has developed a unique DAO system that combines the benefits of conventional venture capital funding with the transparency

Jigstack has completed a successful private and public sale to fund the DAO of DeFi, get paid to create and operate decentralized financial applications. The decentralized finance industry will become a $3 trillion market in the next 10 years, and Jigstack is the first of a new breed of companies that can create value for the end user.


Singapore, Singapore, 29. April 2021,

Jigstack has closed private and public funding rounds. After raising $3 million, the team will be able to continue building the ecosystem and various decentralized products and services. The oversubscription on private rounds confirms the general interest in how Jigstack will change the world of decentralized finance.

Prominent investors like Block FIlms, Moonwhale Ventures, Exnetwork, DHC capital, Blocksync Ventures, Gains, CSP DAO and X21 Digital participated in this private round. Private funding rounds are oversubscribed, confirming the global interest in this ecosystem. So the public sale, which raised $300,000, was over pretty quickly. This huge demand for Jigstack’s STAK tokens shows that investors are interested in exploring the management and revenue potential of these new assets.

As a decentralized and autonomous organization that manages multiple revenue-generating protocols, Jigstack has a bold vision for the decentralized financial sector. Instead of focusing on greed, inefficiency, and incompetence, the team presents an ecosystem focused on quality standardization. To achieve this vision, tools and protocols must empower users, and WiFi must be for the people, by the people.

There are many products and protocols that generate revenue under the Jigstack banner. The tools include Lemonade, a cross-platform token sales startup; Stakbank, a platform focused on STAK token strike and rewards; and EthLink, a decentralized affiliate marketing solution. Other protocols in development include the Santa cryptocurrency platform, the JigBridge cross-chain bridge and the NFT Gallery high-end collectibles and art marketplace.

All of these tools provide value to Jigstack’s STAK token, which receives a share of all transaction costs incurred by these protocols. In addition, the owners of STAK manage the CAD of Jigstack and all its products. Jigstack paves the way for wider application of DeFi, with a focus on quality assurance and compatibility.

The acquisition was a metaphorical Microsoft of DeFi, with the intention of doing for Defi and crypto what Microsoft did for personal computers. It is necessary and it is a natural evolutionary curve. But the highlight for us was the concept of a well-organised DAO and the value potential of a single alpha coin managing a range of decentralised financial instruments. It is essentially an index play on the defibrillator sector with a growth factor. According to Paul Mack of Bonded Finance

In the current environment, decentralized funding is primarily focused on enriching development teams rather than empowering users. This creates a top-down approach rather than a level playing field for all participants. Jigstack’s vision is to create a level playing field for all participants in the process. Most importantly, everything is managed by a DAO, so token holders can help shape the future of this ecosystem.

Decentralized finance and decentralized management are two of the most promising concepts in the modern economy. We could not stand by and watch such an important project being put at risk by weaknesses that I believe could have been corrected. With Jigstack we set a new standard for quality, security and user-friendly financial tools. I firmly believe that adherence to these simple rules can be the catalyst for widespread acceptance. Says Robert Weir of Jigstack.

About the jig stick

Jigstack is a decentralized DAO that develops and provides decentralized tools at the institutional level, suitable for any user. The goal is to operate a suite of high-quality, revenue-generating network solutions on the Ethereum blockchain to promote a fair and open free market.

Website: https://jigstack.org/
Medium: https://medium.com/jigstack
Twitter https://twitter.com/jigstack
Github: https://github.com/jigstack-dev
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/jigstack/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC41q-hIJ0fYIbrGrX7-ohxA


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