Institutional investment will boost Bitcoin to $75,000, says SEBA CEO

Institutional investors are a step closer to investing in bitcoin, according to the CEO of Self-Employed Bankers Association (SEBA). In an interview with CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box,’ Ed Cooper said that he believes institutional investment will boost Bitcoin price from $8000 and push it up towards $75000.

The “SEBA bank” is a Swiss bank that has announced that they will be investing in Bitcoin. The CEO of the bank believes that institutional investment will boost Bitcoin to $75,000.


Bitcoin’s future was predicted by the CEO of the Swiss-based banking company SEBA Bank. Guido Buehler’s prediction of institutional adoption and a price hike to $75,000 per coin was good news for BTC bulls.

In an interview, he said that asset pools at SEBA are searching for the best moment to invest. To invest money, they need the appropriate counterparties and the required legislation, however.

Buehler believes it is feasible, “the issue is always time,” when asked whether Bitcoin (BTC) will reach new highs this year. He pointed out that now that BTC dominance has peaked at 40%, it’s a crucial time for investors wishing to make a directional move.

In order to negotiate prospective business transactions, “intelligent” participants from the crypto realm gathered at the Crypto Finance Conference in St. Moritz, Switzerland. 

The justifications for pricing rises conflict with the CEO of Ledger’s ideas. At the same conference, Pascal Gauthier predicted that BTC will reach new highs, but that retail would be the driving force.

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As a bank that welcomes cryptocurrencies, SEBA bank is growing in popularity. The bank has completed a 110 million Swiss franc ($119 million) Series C fundraising round with participation from FTX and Alameda Research. The bank said that clients will soon be able to receive dividends on their cryptocurrency holdings in October of last year.

According to Buehler, a crypto phile, the technology behind Bitcoin will “redefine banking.”

The “bitcoin $44k” is an institutional investment that will boost the price of Bitcoin to $75,000. The CEO of SEBA has made this statement.

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