Concordium Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are live to cater to ‘Establishment’ with Trust and Transparency

Concordium is a new cryptocurrency created for those in the know. We intend for Concordium to be used as a means of transaction for all types of transactions, so we do not place restrictions on who can use it, as this would only restrict its use. The Concordium team is working towards creating a reliable and trustworthy cryptocurrency that the general public can enjoy, and we feel that blockchain technology can help us accomplish our mission.

Concordium is a cryptocurrency that was designed and developed by a team of professionals that were all experts in their own fields. Its aim is to cater to the so-called “Establishment” with Trust and Transparency, while at the same time, allowing the users to make the most of the new platform.

The objective of Concordium ( is to bring trust and transparency to the blockchain ecosystem by partnering with entities and organizations that are non-profit, non-corporate and decentralized. Concordium offers a complete suite of products and services to help all parties involved in the blockchain ecosystem keep their fingers on the pulse of the latest developments and developments.

Concordium, a blockchain company, will provide the world with access to secure, transparent, regulated and sustainable blockchain and cryptocurrencies for the first time, marking the end of an era of anonymity and distrust that has plagued the industry. After three years of development, the Concordium blockchain and its cryptocurrency GTU will be launched on the Mainnet on June 9, opening up the Concordium platform to all developers and users for the first time. The Concordium platform distinguishes itself from other players in the industry by offering unparalleled guarantees of governance and transparency, without compromising privacy. Users can be identified and the origin of each transaction can be traced. This creates confidence among users and meets the requirements of global regulators. At the same time, identification data may be available, but only if necessary. Privacy, but not anonymity, says Lone Fons Schroder, CEO of Concordium. The company said trusted industry participants are falling victim to a subset of users who are undermining trust in the technology, delaying wider adoption and preventing businesses and consumers from realizing the potential that blockchain and cryptocurrencies offer. It’s time for the blockchain industry to play by the general rules of society. The launch of Concordium Blockchain marks the end of the era of anonymity, opacity and lack of transparency, says Lars Seier Christensen, president of Concordium. This commitment to a modern set of values for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry extends to sustainability. Concordium consumes 0.001% of the energy required by other major cryptocurrencies currently available. Concordium believes it is critical to focus on the needs of developers and businesses, meet future regulatory requirements, and sustainably address the issues that have hindered the widespread use of blockchain technology to date. This is the tool global companies have been waiting for, said Fons Schroder. This sector needs to understand that without trust and recognition, there is nothing. Founded by a Swiss non-profit foundation, Concordium is supported by a select group of leading scientists and industry veterans. Since its inception in 2018, it has combined the development of its own blockchain and cryptocurrency with a desire to redefine the values with which the industry is associated. This is not just an image problem, but a much more serious one, says Fons Schroder. World trade is based on rules. The sooner the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry understands that it must play by the rules, the sooner the full potential of blockchain will be realized. The combination of advanced technology and the pursuit of a global, rules-based system has attracted investor interest. Earlier this year, the company raised more than $41 million through private and strategic sales, with recent sales valuing the company at $4.45 billion. For more information about Concordium, click here . He is one of the very first enthusiasts of blockchain and cryptocurrency in India. After working in the field for several years, he founded IBC in 2016 to help other early adopters learn about the technology. Before joining CBI, Hitesh founded 4 companies in the field of cyber security and IT.

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