Bit Mining Limited(BTC.COM) Delivers 320 Mining Machines to Kazakhstan and Ships more than 500 Machines to Texas

I am happy to report that Bit Mining Limited(BTC.COM) delivered 320 mining machines to Kazakhstan and shipped more than 500 to Texas. The machines have been delivered to the following mining farms:

Bit Mining Limited(BTC.COM) is the leading global litecoin mining equipment provider. We provide the most efficient and reliable mining solutions to our clients. The technology which we use to produce our own mining equipments is based on technology known as Bitfury’s BFGMiner.

Bit Mining Limited ! (BTC.COM) is a digital currency mining manufacturer based in China. We are specialized in domestic mining machine manufacturing and providing services for mining industry, including farm-in and farm-out.. Read more about bitcoin mining calculator and let us know what you think.

BIT Mining limited, a leader in mining cryptocurrencies, today announced the first delivery of equipment to Kazakhstan. This batch consists of 320 machines, and the next batches are estimated to be about 2,600 mining machines, which together could achieve a maximum shredding rate of 102.3PH/s. Mining is scheduled to begin on the 27th. June 2021 scheduled.

The overseas expansion plan has been around for some time. The company focused on working with a local partner, a Kazakh company, and invested $9.33 million in establishing and operating mining data centers. With this investment, BIT Mining Limited now owns 80% of the data center, while the rest is owned by a local partner.

BIT Mining ( has successfully delivered mining machines to Kazakhstan and shipped machines to Texas. accounts for 11-15% of the Bitcoin network’s hash rate.

Kazakhstan and the US account for 14-16% of the hash rate on the Bitcoin network.

– Hitesh Malviya | #Bitcoin $BTC $100K by September (@hmalviya9) June 21, 2021

BIT Mining expects to reach a total capacity of 60 MW in Kazakhstan with this data centre. From July 1, the company will monitor 20 MW of electricity under the service contracts.

Their expansion strategy is also currently focused on the United States. The publicly traded company also invested $25 million in a binding agreement with Bitdeer. The partnership also involves Bitdeer’s subsidiary, Dory Creek, which will build a mining rig and supply the machinery. According to the sources: Bit Mining is sending over 500 bitcoin mining machines to Texas.

This all happened after State Grid Sichuan Ganzi Electric Power sent a notice to the Ganzi Changhe data stating that they would no longer receive power to run their machines. The CEO of BIT Mining also spoke, noting that their investments in Texas and Kazakhstan will help them accelerate their overseas development.

Poolin, which accounts for 12-16% of the network’s hashrate, has already found a partner to expand into North America.

According to a new report released in February: Poolin has acquired the hashrate of its competitor NovaBlock to expand in North America and increase its hashrate dominance.

– Hitesh Malviya | #Bitcoin $BTC $100K by September (@hmalviya9) June 21, 2021

Mining activity in North America is gradually taking off and total mining capacity is increasing as production overseas increases. Hong Kong-based Poolin recently acquired rival Novablock to strengthen its dominant position.

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