5 Best NFT Projects to Watch in January 2022

As the crypto markets plummet, developers are looking for alternatives to drive adoption and generate revenue. The gaming sector is experiencing a renaissance with blockchain-powered games earning over $1 billion in 2018 alone. In January 2022, we’ll see which projects will become best sellers on Steam.

Top 5 NFT projects to watch in January 2022. Read more in detail here: best nft to buy 2022.


There were a lot of trends last year, including the continuance of DeFi, which originally became popular in 2020, and the metaverse movement, which ended the year. If there is one trend that will be remembered from 2021, it will be non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In 2021, the NFT industry boomed, attracting everyday people, celebrities, businesses of all sorts, as well as many entrepreneurs, developers, artists, game designers, and others. For the time being, the NFT business has remained outside of the mainstream, but it is nevertheless growing and developing at a rapid pace.

That being said, it does not seem to be going away anytime soon. In fact, it seems to be growing in strength, so January 2022 may be the best moment to get on board. If you’re not sure which NFT projects to pursue, we may suggest the top five that we feel have the most promise right now, which are listed below.

1. Decentralization (MANA)

Decentraland is the first on our list. This is a project that provides a digital world made up of unique plots of digital land that you may purchase, sell, rent, and use for a variety of purposes. Many people use it to create apps, games, and other sorts of software, and some have even used it to organize digital gatherings and events.

The Australian Open, for example, is one of four Grand Slams that will host a variety of events in Decentraland’s metaverse. Of course, all of these plots of land are available for purchase as NFTs, and purchasing one ensures that you are the only owner of that piece of land for the rest of your life. Or, at the very least, as long as the related NFT isn’t sold.

Given Decentraland’s scale, relevance, and age, it is expected to become one of the largest metaverse/NFT initiatives in the future, therefore purchasing MANA now, while its price is cheap, might have significant long-term benefits. Of course, you can always purchase some of its NFTs and join the metaverse’s early adopters as a digital landowner.

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Axie Infinity is number two on the list (AXS)

Then there’s Axie Infinity. This is a project that integrates NFTs, metaverse, blockchain games, and DeFi, among other crypto developments and characteristics. It’s essentially a blockchain-based game that enables players to explore the game’s large digital environment and attack other players with monsters.

Axie is a Pokemon-inspired game that allows you to train and enhance your monsters, as well as breed them to produce new ones. You may enhance your monster with over 500 different body parts from other species, give it numerous boosts, and do all you can to become the greatest fighter.

So, how do NFTs fit into the picture? Each monster may be bought by purchasing the appropriate NFT, which you can then keep, sell, or exchange for another. Monsters may be purchased and sold on any NFT market, or just utilized for combat or breeding inside the game. Meanwhile, by winning matches, you may earn Axie’s own cryptocurrency, AXS, which can be used to purchase new monsters, upgrades, or be withdrawn and cashed out for real-world usage.

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3. The Playground (SAND)

The Sandbox, a project that began in 2011, is in third place. This is a game-like blockchain-based virtual environment where users may create, construct, purchase, and trade digital goods. To put it another way, this is a game endeavor, but not like Axie Infinity. You don’t receive access to just one game; instead, you may play a variety of community-created games or make your own.

The world of the Sandbox then enables you to play these games and gather a variety of blockchain-based commodities known as NFTs. These assets may subsequently be maintained, utilised in games, or sold on a marketplace, potentially earning you a profit.

The Sandbox’s purpose is to empower the gaming community by allowing players to be actual owners of the games they pay for as well as the assets they acquire while playing the game, in contrast to the present gaming business, which can take everything away from you with a single button press.

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Enjin Coin is number four (ENJ)

Enjin Coin is towards the bottom of the list. Enjin was created by Enjin, a blockchain-based gaming startup that provides an ecosystem of blockchain-based gaming goods. The Enjin Network’s native cryptocurrency is Enjin Coin, which was created as a social gaming platform.

The Enjin ecosystem, like the Sandbox, is brimming with games, each of which offers tokenized in-game objects, awards, and assets. The assets are created by the platform and backed by ENJ, which gives them value and enables users to purchase, sell, trade, or just store and utilize them.

Every token created on the platform is backed by Enjin, therefore it’s impossible for them to become absolutely worthless. The true value of these NFTs, however, resides in the fact that with each new token generated, additional ENJ is removed from circulation to back it up. As a result, the value of circulating ENJ, as well as the things that are backed by ENJ, grows.

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5. The gala (GALA)

Finally, we have Gala in fifth place (GALA). This is a cryptocurrency project launched by Gala Gales with the purpose of revolutionizing the gaming industry by enabling gamers to have more power over their games.

Gala wants to make games that are enjoyable and intriguing to play, rather than merely churning out games for the sake of releasing them. Furthermore, it aspires to make the game business financially profitable for players. So far, gaming firms have concentrated on developing games that consumers would purchase and enjoy in the short term by playing them, learning their tales, and engaging in world-changing events.

Gala, on the other hand, wants to give consumers complete ownership of the games, which it does via the usage of NFTs. Gala gives users complete ownership of the games they buy with non-fungible tokens. It’s also more than just a single game. It, like Enjin and the Sandbox, provides a whole ecosystem with a diverse range of games, many of which are based on several blockchains. As a result, Gala might be the future of online gaming, and it has a lot of promise in this area of the crypto market.

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The NFT industry is now massive, and the odds are that it will continue to grow in the future. With that in mind, now could be the greatest moment to get into NFTs and become involved with some of the most promising projects in the industry. You may choose one of the projects we’ve mentioned, or you can conduct some research and discover a project that you like even more. The option is yours to choose from, and there are plenty to choose from.

In January 2022, there are a lot of great projects that will be released. Here are 5 best NFT projects to watch in January 2022. Reference: best nft to buy for beginners.

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